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i am of some age in some area of new england where the weather and drivers suck but the food is nice so that kinda makes up for it.

i like nice music and ramen and web design but i don't like physical contact so please don't try to touch me but other than that hi nice to meet you.
Track: To Build A Home
Artist: The Cinematic Orchestra
Album: Ma Fleur
Plays: 88,953

And I built a home,
for you,
for me.


tiny height difference (◡‿◡✿)

One inch!!


this is gay


"if you ever want to talk, or…" *glances at interlocked hands* "…anything."

asami held hands with korra and she would be 100% into holding hands more often. this is canon. i’ll never get over it. in 60 years i’ll be saying “korra and asami held hands” with a wistful old person look on my face



Just got my first batch of custom cards for my Cards Against Humanity Collection!


Track: The In My Life Sigh
Album: Les Miserables
Plays: 890


"In my life, there are times when I catch in the silence the sigh of a far away song…” for thefleetstreetvicomte's Anon!

  1. Judy Kuhn - 10th Anniversary Concert
  2. Judy Kuhn - Broadway Cast Recording
  3. Tracy Shayne - The Complete Symphonic Recording
  4. Lauren Wiley - Fresno Grand Opera
  5. Helen Owen - West End

hhhh i can’t reblog spoilery fma things b/c sabina HASN’T FINISHED WATCHING FMA YET WHAT ARE YOU DOING


Welcome to Republic City and Korra Alone parallels


baby arctic fox tries to eat a man alive


I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

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This drawing took me forever but I guess it was worth it haha



This piece was inspired by the bewitching and bewildering work of Amei Zhao, aka seventypercentethanol, who consistently blows my mind here on Tumblr.

EDIT: Yep. Made a couple tweaks.


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